When you are looking for not just an office but a place where your employees will feel great and you will achieve your business goals effortlessly, the answer is "Sofia Office Center". The two buildings built on an international standard of sustainability and environmental friendliness are not just an outstanding example of modern construction but an ambition to raise the living standards of the society.

 "Sofia Office Center" is the first business complex in Bulgaria to apply for certification with the prestigious British certificate BREEAM 2016: Excellent by the BREEAM Assessors team of MOMERIN. The team of MOMERIN - arch. Andriana Dimitrova and the ecologist Ivo Nikolov are now working hard with the Europroperty team and the Project Certifiers at the EXCELLENT level.

Situated on "Tsarigradsko Shosse" Blvd., next to the metro station and the emerging business city, "Sofia Office Center" offers a large parking lot for employees and guests of the center with electric motor filling stations. The offices will be built according to the individual preferences of the client, combining creative working environment and relaxation areas.

"Sofia Office Center" combines two business buildings with a total built up area of 59,000 square meters - "Sofia Office Center" 1 consists of 24,159 square meters and Sofia Office Center 2 - 35,000 square meters. Both of them are built on a plot of 12 acres. Construction started in May, 2017. Sofia Office Center 1 is expected to be completed in the middle of 2019 and Sofia Office Center 2 in the beginning of 2020.

Facilities and characteristics

Excellent location in the area of newly formed business city

BREEAM certificate of energy and environmental sustainability

Easy logistics and transportation - close to public transport and subway stations

Large parking lot next to a buffer parking area

Modern design of leading architects

Highest quality of all used construction materials

Charge boxes for electric vehicles

Ability to complete the premises according to the needs of the client

Proven investor with international experience


"Sofia Office Center" is located in the newly formed business city - communicative location near public transport and the main artery of the Sofia subway. Both buildings of the business center boast a beautiful view of the green hills of Vitosha Mountain and the high horizon of the city is revealed in front of the high floors.

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